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What our clients say about us

Real opinions of companies and employees cooperating with us.
  • I was in urgent need of construction workers due to the large number of orders. Thanks to UKR PLUS, I was able to expand the work front and carry out specific orders. Reliable and hardworking employees.
    Rafal - owner -
  • UKR PLUS has found employees for a restaurant in Gdańsk. They are young cooks and helpers with little experience, but hardworking and enthusiastic.
    Andrey - restaurant owner
  • It's hard to find good young welders and school graduates. Fortunately, there are many skilled workers behind the eastern border. With UKR PLUS I don't worry about any formalities. Owner - welding and assembly industry.
  • I went to Poland to earn good money. UKR PLUS found me a job almost overnight. I have the opportunity to work overtime, I get paid regularly and in the right amount - I am very pleased with the cooperation
    Wasilij - bricklayer - Belarus
  • We have been constantly short of employees in recent years. Young mechanics from Ukraine, after proper training, are great, conscientious workers. May they stay with us as long as possible.
    Witold - Shift manager - car repair shop

About Us

We select and employ the best specialists who perform production tasks, most often directly at the client's plant, which gives a greater possibility of controlling the services provided.
Undoubtedly, what distinguishes us is individualism in the approach to each client, precision and professionalism. We will provide you with the best team of highly qualified employees meeting your expectations.
We serve clients in Poland and Europe by providing employees of various professions. We operate in the welding, electro-assembly and steel structures assembly industries. We recruit specialists to operate CNC machines, locksmiths, warehouse workers and logistics specialists. Our outsourcing services are used by both smaller enterprises and international corporations.
The model of outsourcing of subcontracting services adopted by us allows for the effective performance of some production and manufacturing tasks.

Offer for contractors:

Due to the dynamics of economic processes, the evolution of global trends or changes in the attitude and awareness of employees, the labor market is undergoing many changes. You can see increasing staff shortages and interest in employees specialized in specific industries. The answer to the growing demand for professionals is the employment of people from beyond the eastern border, who work in companies with determination and commitment.
Entrepreneurs often struggle with employee turnover, which can significantly destabilize the company's organizational structure, adversely affect the atmosphere among colleagues and cause general anxiety. Finding an employee whose qualifications will match the specificity of a given position, as well as the expectations of the employer, is not an easy task. Recruitment requires a lot of time and precision, but is not always accurate. That is why it is worth using outsourcing services and leaving it to professionals such as UKR PLUS Sp. z o.o.
We are a company that comprehensively deals with the process of recruiting employees from Ukraine. We reliably carry out the outsourcing tasks entrusted to us, acquiring the most experienced and desirable staff of specialists and ensuring customer satisfaction with the services provided for them.

What do our clients gain?

– we provide a highly qualified staff of the best specialists, verifying their knowledge and competences
– our employees are experienced staff, thanks to which the process of their implementation is definitely shorter and less costly
– we recommend only proven, reliable and responsible employees, thus reducing the phenomenon of staff rotation
– we strive to ensure continuity and optimization of production processes
– employing employees from Ukraine based on a mandate contract eliminates the costs related to overtime, holidays, sickness or PFRON
– increasing the employment of Ukrainian personnel has a positive effect on the motivation of Polish employees
– employees from Ukraine are extremely determined, committed and ready to work beyond the daily, weekly or monthly time limits
– we deal with all administrative and legal issues related to the employment of a foreigner

We are a professional and reliable partner offering subcontracting services carried out by the best team of specialists from Ukraine. Check us out and see for yourself!
We encourage you to contact us, get acquainted with the offer and use our services!
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Volodymyr Panchuk

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Volodymyr Panchuk - Prezes Zarządu
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